Friday, February 26, 2010

Award Time!

Yay! I am so happy. My second and third (and technically my fourth awards!) Special thanks to Nelle from Book Check, Little Miss Becky from Stories and Sweeties, and Spellbound by Books! Thanks for your encouragments, your comments, and your support to all of my followers! Also, maye some of you were wondering why didn't I have a 50 followers giveaway? Well, I decided I should wait until I get 75 and have a bigger one, when I have more money and more prizes to giveaway! So just wait a little bit longer (I hope it's not too long!).

The Happy 101 Award was given to me by Nelle from  Book Check! Thank you so much!

The rules are that I should list ten things that make me happy and then pass it to 10 other bloggers.
  1. Reading at Barnes and Noble
  2. JR Celski (US Short Track Skater of Winter Olympics 2010) 
  3. Snow days (Obviously, I like having no school, but the surprise of it always make it better)
  4. Asian dramas (My fantasy away from life)
  5. Summer (No school, going to the beach, weather, my birthday!)
  6. Traveling (to California, Korea, Las Vegas. I hope I can go to Europe soon!)
  7. K-pop music 
  8. Hanging out with my friends
  9. Ice skating (<3 Kim Yuna!)
  10. Theme Parks (Cannot wait for the new Harry Potter theme park this spring!)
I would like to pass this award along to:
  1. Natalie @ Mindful Musings 
  2. Little Miss Becky from Stories and Sweeties
  3. Spellbound by Books
  4. Lea @ YA Book Queen 
  5. Becky @ The Bookette
  6. Stephanie @ Juicilicious Reviews  
  7. Lori @ Pure Imagination 
  8. Ladybug @ Escape In A Book 
  9. Sammee @ I Want to Read That
  10. YA Vampire Books 
The One Lovely Blog Award was given to me by Little Miss Becky from Stories and Sweeties and Spellbound by Books. Thank you so much!

 The rules are:
  • Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
  • Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award!
I would like to pass this award along to:
  1. Sharon @ Sharon Loves Books and Cats  
  2. Mandy @ edge of seventeen 
  3. Jami @ YA Addict 
  4. Nelle @ Book Check
  5. Morgan @ Smitten With Books 
  6. Lori @ Escape Between the Pages 
  7. Caitlin @ Vision Quest Fail 
  8. Nicole @ Who, What, When, Where, Why 
  9. Melanie @ Melanie's Musings
  10. Lizzy @ Cornucopia of Reviews  
  11. Lauren @ I was a teenage book geek 
  12. Nikki @ Wicked Awesome Books 
  13. vvb32 @ vvb32 reads 
  14. RavenousReader @ Tale of the Ravenous Reader 
  15. Ah Yuan @ GAL Novelty
Whew, that took a long time. I tried to give the awards to blogs that  I don't think have these awards. I'll start commenting and sending emails ASAP. Now time to study for Science Olympiad and watch men short track :)


      1. Wow, thank you so much for passing on the "One Lovely Blog Award" onto me-you have no idea how much that means!And congratulations to all the other people that the awards were passed onto. Thanks again, you're too sweet!

      2. Thank you for passing on The Happy 101 Award to me! I really appreciate it! :) And congrats on all your awards - you really deserve them!

      3. Aww...thanks so much! :) And congratulations on getting the award yourself!

      4. Thank you for the award. I am flattered. Congrats to everyone else as well.

      5. Thank you so much for the award!!

      6. Congrats on the awards! Thank you so much too for passing one along to me :D

      7. Hi, thanks for the award. I would love to go to the Harry Potter theme park!

      8. Thanks so much for thinking of me, and congratulations on both awards!

        I have to agree about the Harry Potter theme park. I saw something about it on TV last night and I'm just dying to go.

      9. Thanks so much for passing on the Happy 101 award! :) Oh my..I keep seeing the commercials for the HP themes park and each time I am mentally plotting on how to get across the country to Florida!

      10. Thanks for the award, I really appreciate it! Congrats on both of the awards, and keep up the great blog (I love your header image, did you make it yourself?)

      11. Congratulations on you lovely awards and thank you so much for passing The Happy 101 award to me =)

      12. Congratulations on your awards and thanks for passing one on to me:)

      13. You're so sweet! Thanks so much for the award.

        I had no idea they were even making a Harry Potter theme park. So awesome!

      14. congrats on your awards!
        and thanks for passing a lovely my way ;-D

      15. and yay for the harry potter theme park! gotta try a butterbeer


      Comments are appreciated!


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