Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review Policy

Reviewing books, hosting giveaways, holding interviews and guest posts are only a few ways I would be very honored and happy to be part of. I will accept to review Young Adult books and a few middle grade books, based on the synopsis.


I am open to all genres of young adult novels, but my favorite genres include, but are not limited to,

• Paranormal Romance
• Fantasy
• Realistic Fiction
• Science Fiction
• Historical Fiction

The only genre I am not interested AT ALL are any non-fiction books. (I read a lot of those for school, not for leisure.)


After finishing a book, I will post a review as soon as possible. If there is a certain date (i.e. a day before the release date) you would like a review to be posted by, please tell me and I will be happy to comply.

I review a book based on plot, characters, and how much I enjoyed it (enjoyability). If there is a specific way you would like the book to be reviewed, please feel free to tell me.

I rate the book on plot, characters, and an overall rating, all on a scale of 5.

Please remember that I cannot guarantee a positive review. My review will be 100% honest. However, I can ensure I will never tell readers to “NEVER read it” and will help ensure other readers try the book.


If you would like to host a giveaway through my blog or like me to hold an interview or a guest post, please feel free to contact me!




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