Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Libraries Matter, No More Cuts & YA ARC Program Help

All book bloggers have felt it by now, unless you live in some really remote rich country or in the bottom of the sea, where they have a secret stash of cash untouched and unmarred by the economic crisis.

The library budget cuts. Libraries are being placed lower on the county agenda, replaced by schools and the county safety public departments, which are of course equally and more so important. However, as we all know, libraries are one of the perpetrators for increased literacy, help provide a place to study quietly and read books, in which we can escape the pressures of school. For me, especially, a library is a second home.

I am currently a student member of the Friends of the Library, which is a non profit organization separate from the county libraries but essentially helps provide for the funds for library programs, in addition to assigning grants to specific libraries. As a student member, I get to create programs for teenagers that benefit both the library system and the Friends of the Library.

One of the programs I hope to start is an Advanced Reader Copy program, in which teens can borrow the ARCs, which doesn't limit their reading choices to only the YA books at libraries, and can write reviews about them. To jumpstart the program, I'm planning to email YA publishers very soon. However, I wanted to ask all book bloggers for your help and even possible contributions. A lot of bloggers are in contact with publishing agents or have a lot of ARCs lying around, which can't be sold. I wanted to ask you guys to help me start the program, by donating extra ARCs for this library program or help me get in personal contact with publishers. It would help salve the pain of the budget cuts for teens at our library system. (In addition, if you have any personal suggestions or comments, please let me know.)

How do you guys cope with the budget cuts? Do you guys have any programs for teens that you think are great? If so, please please let me know. I really am open to comments and suggestions (even defamation.)

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  1. This is a really great thing that you are doing. I will be more than happy to spread the word. And I will be emailing you back soon :)


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