Wednesday, December 23, 2009

About Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog, Tuning Into YA Books!

My name is Jean and I am a high school student. I am an avid reader and read a variety of genres (mostly fiction, even though my mother insists I read non-fiction). My favorite genres include fantasy, realistic fiction, paranormal romance, and historical fiction. I live all genres, but I prefer most of my books to include a bit of a romance, lol.

My personal life is also busy and sometimes stressful, which is why I like to escape into the fictional world and forget everything that I messed up. Some activities I do include playing the violin and ice-skating. During my free time, I enjoy watching soap operas and of course, READ!

I started this blog through one of my failures. I applied for my library’s teen advisory group and I had to go to an interview. When they asked me if I had a blog, I looked at them questioningly, a blog? After I got rejected and I learned the many different types of blogs (at first, I thought a blog was only like a diary of sort) I resolved myself to create one, which brought me to here.
Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy book reviews and author interviews from Tuning Into YA Books!

I also would like to give credit to the images used in the header! Thanks!


  1. Congratulations on your first blog! I'm quite new to blogging too and I'm finding it hard to get followers so I like to follow some up-and-coming blogs. =D

    I love your header by the way!

    Reversing The Monotony

  2. Welcome to the blogging community!


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