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Give Up The Ghost Review

Title: Give Up the Ghost
Author: Megan Crewe
Published Date: September 2009
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Price: Amazon ($11.55)

Cass McKenna much prefers ghosts over "breathers." Ghosts are uncomplicated and dependable, and they know the dirt on everybody... and Cass loves dirt. She's on a mission to expose the dirty secrets of the poseurs in her school.

But when the vice president of the student council discovers her secret, Cass's whole scheme hangs in the balance. Tim wants her to help him contact his recently deceased mother, and Cass reluctantly agrees.

As Cass becomes increasingly entwined in Tim's life, she's surprised to realize he's not so bad—and he needs help more desperately than anyone else suspects. Maybe it’s time to give the living another chance....

Cass McKenna is a protagonist you can empathize with, from her family issues to her feeling as an outsider. Crewe is able to integrate the supernatural ghost aspect of the character with the thematic elements of friends and elements. The unique element of the book is the ability to transition well from a novel of fun read to actually unearthing betrayal of friends and the feeling of exclusion. Also, the action-paced novel didn’t lag down the readers as they read through pages and pages of exposition. By telling Cass’s story within the plot, bit by bit, in how she was betrayed by Danielle and her sister’s story, I was able to enjoy the plot, without getting lost.

Also, Cass’s development is amazing! The characterization of Cass is developed through her every actions, as she is portrayed as a pushy character (which sometimes can get a bit annoying, so mean to poor Tim, lol), but through the retelling of her past is shown as a caring character, who really is sensitive. Also, the portrayal of Danielle differs from the regular bratty cheerleader, as her depth of character is revealed at the end. Also, Cass is finally able to change from being cold and mean, in which she is able to finally release the grudge. Also, Cass’s relation with the mother, the natural “doesn’t stay at home and doesn’t care about her children” mother, help tie into the interpersonal relations theme

Now, I know you all want to hear about Tim, the poor suffering boy who helps open up Cass to the public. But frankly, I was disappointed by Crewe’s development of the relation between Tim and Cass. Tim is of course the regular lanky, caring, blond guy, but underneath the confident image is the brewing of depression, which I thought Crewe did a good job on developing. BUT, (cry) there was no romance or friction, even though there were so many arrows pointing toward that direction. The ending disappointed me, but if Crewe decides to create a sequel (*cough cough* romance with Tim *cough cough*), then I’ll eat my words back up

Plot: 3/5
Characters: 4.5/5
Cover: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5


  1. Wow! This is a great review, especially for a beginning blogger! I just became a follower. I hope you don't mind, but I was so impressed by your blog that I featured you on mine. You can check it out if you'd like by clicking here.

    Happy Holidays!

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  3. i read this book a while back, i liked it. Ditto on the romance but, then i did an interview w/ Crewe and it made alot of since why there wasn't any. She said that"they weren't ready for romance...yet & that it wasn't about love...just basic human connection" I sound like a book nerd lol :D But i do want a sequel

    Happy Holidays!
    Love your wishlist*hopefully Beautiful Creatures will B under my tree lol

  4. Glad to have another viewpoint for YA books.
    I gave books for presents this year. Works for me ;o)

  5. Great review! I read this awhile ago and thought the same thing. I prefer books with a bit of romance in them too. I heard rumors that Crewe was thinking about making a sequel, she certainly left the ending open for one. I hope she does decide to make one.

  6. Amazing review! I totally agree with you on the part where you said that Cass changed from pushy to nicer. Yeah, the ending was a little disappointing.


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