Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipse Movie Review

With an even a hotter cast, steamier kissing scenes, and beautifully executed action, there were only a few moments of cringing while watching Eclipse (and of course, more ogling).

The introduction scene really set the somber tone of the movie. I loved the tense and scary atmosphere Riley's transformation scene created. I loved the expansion on Riley’s role in the movie, since it helped play on the viewer’s sympathy and his past, which sadly, the book didn’t. (Lol, and I have to admit, Xavier Samuel was another reason I loved seeing Riley more. Sorry Edward, Riley just stole my heart :)).

The acting again done by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison was bleh. I won’t go into a rant about how I hated the main casting from the start, but there were parts when the scenes were just awkward (such as the one between Bella telling Jacob about her imminent transformation), I had to cover my eyes. However, I loved some of the humorous parts (funniest part: Edward muttering about Jacob’s abs “Doesn’t he have a shirt?”) and the relation between Bella and Charlie’s dad.

There were a lot of steamy kissing scenes that you might not want young children to see (there was a mom covering a child’s eyes next to me during those scenes), but the chemistry was done beautifully, with Bella/Edward and Bella/Jacob.

I loved loved the action scene. It was intense and epic, especially the practice scene. The action was horrifying like it was supposed to be and realistic, even Victoria’s head being beheaded.

A big complaint I have is the ending. After Bella rejects Jacob officially, it ended with her and Edward in a beautiful prairie with flowers, even though the book ended with Jacob’s dejected feelings.

Minor Points:
  • Please, please, I hope they get Nikki Reed to dye her eyebrows or something. She looked way too much like Lady Gaga.
  • Loved the flashbacks
  • Boo Boo Stewart (Seth) and Xavier Samuel (Riley) just made the movie shine more!
Now, I'm in my "Twilight obsession" phase. (Time to reserve on Breaking Dawn again.) So how did you think Eclipse was?

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