Monday, August 30, 2010


I'll post an official review in a few days...whenever I get over my aftershock.

But. Three words. WHAT THE FUDGE?!
MS. COLLINS, you blew both Hunger Games and Catching Fire wtih Mockingjay. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. The right amount of romance twist, tables turning, shock, violence well played, and emotions of fear, love, sorrow just making me shake with anticipation.

Below I'm going to include my first opinions. It will include spoilers. Cover your eyes. And before I talk about the endings, what happens in the book, EVERYONE, READ IT! I've been shouting this during my whole lunch period today, but I think I was more obsessed with this than I was with Harry Potter, which is saying something.

Also, on another note. I am back officially. I'm currently designing the layout with my friend, so please bare with this until we're finished. Below is just a preview of what you'll see (I'm planning to use this is as my button.) Please give your opinions  :)

SPOILER DISCUSSION (Cover your eyes from this sacred discussion if you have not read it! Feel free to leave comments below)
  • Peeta!! MY LOVELY PEETA THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH! (Sorry, Katniss, he's mine :P) God. I felt so so so so bad for him when he was hijacked. My beloved Peeta tortured. But I really wish Collins had extended the book a bit more to see more of Peeta's actual gentle side to make the ending scnee more touching since either we barely saw him or he was mentally evil.
  • Too many deaths :(. God, I was crying within my heart when Finnick and Prim died. I was growing really fond of Finnick. 
  • Gale. I didn't really like him much in this book, but I felt like there should have been a better tie with him with Katniss. 
  • Just absolutely loved the violence in the book. Made it seem much more tense and rigged with emotions. God! I was literally shaking at every chapter. At every chapter, Ms. Collins left a bomb that left me hanging for more.
Please tell me what you think! I'm so rigged with shock and happiness and SADNESS (NO MORE HUNGER GAME BOOKS) that I can't even form coherent thoughts/ (MS. COLLINS, why did you release this book so late in the summer, right when school starts?!)


  1. I know what you mean. I think every review of this book HAS to have spoilers in order to portray how we really feel (I did mine yesterday if you want to check it out).

    It was just inhumanly amazing.

  2. It was fun to read your thoughts here :) Oh and love the button - its a keeper


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