Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday (4-Fallen)

I haven't done Fashion Friday in a while. So for those of you who are new this is the gist:

Fashion Friday is creating a fashion wardrobe and picking out clothes that I would think a character would wear based on the type of personality Using pictures from different magazine, such as Vogue or Elle, or from model shows, I will usually pick out one or two types of outfits, and even accessories or shoes. I hope everyone enjoys it and if you have any suggestion or fashion websites, please feel free to tell me!

So I wasn't able to finish Fallen because like me, there were a hundred other fans waiting like wolverines to rip the book out of my hand, before I could finish it. So I decided, while I wait again in the long line of holds, I decided to do a little tribute for it.

 For the dark Luce, she mentioned in the book she liked black so I decided to use the "bad and sexy girl" kind of fashion.

f(x) in Calvin Klein Jeans © Eiffel in Seoul
Miranda Cosgrove © Teen Vogue
For Daniel, I decided again the "bad guy look" and of course the smoldering, sexy look.

Kim Soo Hyun © Dramabeans
Song Jong Ki © Dramabeans

Also, I couldn't forget Cam (which is by far my favorite character.) who came across as a skater boy or casual boy.

©Armani Exchange

I also saw some really good "couple" pictures of both Daniel and Luce (the fashion of both the boy and girl are so perfect.)

Also, I'm working on the background right now, so please bare with the white color. Thanks!

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