Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Friday (3-Wish)

I haven't done this in a while, so sorry for the inconsistency. I decided to do Wish because I felt that fashion does play a big part in the story, not plotwise, but they mention clothes a lot (there's even a fashion show) and also because I felt really bad after putting a meh review of Wish. I hope you still read it though :) And sorry in advance if there are too many Korean pictures...I don't know any other fashion blogs :(

I felt that the left picture was more Violet's style, rather than Olivia. Olivia is more of the conservative, sweater type of girl (like me), while Violet wears the vest and skirts. The pose of the actress, with the combination of the hat, vest, and skirt, really makes her flirtatious and fashionable. 

I think the image on the right is more for Calla. She's the rich and very very fashionable girl, but when she was first described in the book I felt like she was a hippie because (correct me if I'm wrong) but she was meditation or doing yoga, so I like the addition of the headband.

I think not only are they a cute couple, but in my mind they represent Soren and Olivia. I think the matching sweaters in the top really match their personalities, especailly Olivia's. Olivia isn't the type to wear heels or dresses so I thought the hoddie and plain jeans have a cute flair to it. For Soren, I think the bottom  pictures is more of the skater type I imagine him in, especially with the shoes.

And finally, I think this is a great match for Olivia's dress. The sparkles and the plain black really will really bring out the magical aspect of the dress. I also think the plain black effect will bring out her beauty but won't be too flamboyant.

Tell me your opinions and hope you enjoyed today's Fashion Friday!

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