Sunday, April 4, 2010

Harry Potter Theme Park

I personally cannot wait for the Harry Potter Theme Park! It's opening June 18th (Only 2 months left!), right after school ends. I personally would love to go (and I really hope so too!), but my parents are a bit wary, saying there will be tons of people and other crazy fans there.

Here are some other pictures of the theme park.

 Flight of the Hippogriff (Harry Potter rollarcoaster)
 Dragon Challange (based on Triwizard Tournament) 
Also in the Ellen Show, Ellen and two lucky kids (soo envious) got an exclusive tour of the new Harry Potter theme park.

You can watch the video here.

I personally would love to go to Honeydukes (yum...sweets). I'm also a huge rollar coaster fan so I cannot wait to ride these cool rollercoasters. Sigh...this is the closest I can get to Hogwarts (cry...where's my letter?!)

So are you planning to go?


  1. I know... I know...


    I know...

  2. AHHH!!!!! I'm dying for this! I am soooo regretful that I went to Orlando/USA last year! Now I can only go when I can pay it myself! It means many years until then.

  3. Wow it looks awesome!! I would love to go, but I'm afraid it's too far away ;)
    If you go, you'll have to post some pics on your blog! :)

  4. I'd love to go. I think we're planning on going next December, around there. It is going to be nuts for at least the first six months, if not longer. You need to give it time to die down a little.

  5. Hey again! Just letting you know that you have an award to pick up here:

  6. I am so impressed with the detail they put into bringing the world of Harry Potter alive! It's like pure magic! I can't wait to take a trip to experience it.


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