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Mockingjay Spoilers Discussion Forum

My face after finishing the book.

So, I already had a heated debate with my friends, but I would really love to have everyone else's opinions, because I felt like Collins just left so many gaps and so many controversial moments.

I'm going to list the thoughts on some important parts of the books (chronologically.)
  •  Hijacking Peeta: I thought it was a brilliant move on Collin's part because it really just turns the tables and everything over in the book. The loving, warming Peeta has turned hostile to Katniss, but also calculating and realizes the flaws in Katniss. I just loved how she did and I really felt that it perpetuated Katniss's character development. 
  • Katniss's Reaction to Peeta: In one word: B*TCH. (and a brat). I absolutely hated it! I mean, GOD what the heck?! Would Peeta do that to you, Katniss? I felt that it detracted from Katniss and I know it isn't part of her character to be comforting, but ARGH AFTER EVERYTHING PEETA DID TO YOU, YOU BETRAYED HIM THAT WAY! And, she only changed AFTER Haymitch TOLD her to, which emphasizes that she isn't acting on her emotions or love for him.
  • Deaths: I didn't really think the deaths of the characters were actually that bad or too many. I think it really emphasized the violent human destruction theme. But Finnick's death just nearly killed me. After Collins took all that time to develop his character in the book and made the readers sympathize and love him more, she just killed him off in ONE sentence. And in the whole section where Katniss tries to go to the Capitol, Collins doesn't mention Finnick much, maybe once a page. And the other deaths, who got killed by the mutts, we don't even read what happens to them. Just that they disappeared. (Also, what the heck happened when Katniss looked at Finnick and saw his life flash by? They didn't explain it at the end so I'm really curious.) I  believe that the weakness in the deaths was not the quantity, but the quality as Collins just killed off each character quickly, not really elaborating on it a lot.
  • Katniss Going Insane (Both before and after Coin's death): I don't know about this one. I'm really controversial about this. I understood WHY Collins did this, to emphasize the effects of war and being shell-shocked. But was it necessary to go into it that much that the readers lose faith in the protagonist? The hero we relied solely on? I don't know. This also made the whole ending with Peeta and Katniss loving each other and marrying as invalid. What's your opinion?
  • Katniss's Response to Hunger Games: Ok. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED HERE! Why did Katniss say yes to another round of Hunger Games? Maybe she was insane, I get that. But what is up with the long paragraph leading up to that? It was like "Oh, I think humans will always be destructive no matter what." And she ended up going against her thoughts.
  • Katniss's Decision: So Katniss decided Peeta. But did she really? Where did Gale go? I thought that was the worst ending ever with Gale and it seemed that Collins wanted to end the love triangle quickly in order to emphasize the anti war. But there weren't even parting words with Katniss and Gale. And how could Gale just leave Katniss alone like that when she was in the worst condition ever and just go get a fancy job when two other books pointed towards that Gale cared and loved for Katniss. 
  • Did Katniss and Peeta really love each other?: I believe that they've moved an inch away from their insanity/killing persona. But my friend thinks otherwise. She took it as a wholly negative and pessimistic view and saw Peeta as never loving Katniss again and Katniss never being sane. I don't know. I thought the epilogue was a nice relief for the readers, but...
  • Will there be another Hunger Games?
    • The ultimate million dollar question. What does everyone think?
The beginning was well played and brilliant. But, I really wish that Collins could rewrite the ending. So I gave my opinions and I hope to hear everyone else's thoughts :)

But however the series ended. I'm so sad so so so sad that they ended the series. No more Hunger Games. Let's just hope they release a movie soon!


  1. I almost died when Finnick died. Finnick and Annie were perfection. As for Katniss's response to the Hunger Games with Capitol children, I think that she just wanted to find a way to feel vindicated or get a sense of closure from revenge. I think the games tortured her mad. Great post!

  2. I can say that I have not read this :D lol I know sad


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