Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie Poster Monday (5-Halo)

First of all, I wanted to jump in joy with my new MacMini. Essentially, the hardware is Mac. I don't have a Mac Laptop (I wish I did.) I'm getting used to the hang of things and I actually like it better than Windows Vista :)

So I finished Halo today. It was really nice and calming, with the romance, compared to Mockingjay so it was a nice change. The movie poster is pretty simple. Because of school I couldn't do it much elaborately. I had a hard time choosing the actress for Bethany, because she was supposed to represent innocent beauty and I didn't know who could portray it. While I was looking through other fantasy casts, Emma Roberts caught my eye and I thought she could pull it off a bit. And for Xavier Woods, there were just so many options I could choose from, but ultimately I chose Logan Lerman. Who could resist that dimpled smile? :) So, without further ado, here is my (pitiful) attempt at the movie poster for Halo.

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