Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hunger Games Movie Rumors Galore

I spent my Thanksgiving Holiday rereading the Hunger Games after buying the boxed set, and let's just say I'm even sadder about the whole series ending than I was when I immediately finished Mockingjay.

So where does this leave for readers? The movie, of course! (Yes, I know. Movies usually can't capture the perfectness of books, but it's better than nothing.)

Even though I heard so many rumors of a Hunger Games release date, I checked the IMDB page and it says 2013! (Too long!! 2 more years.)

But, luckily, there a lot of actresses that are interested in playing Katniss, receiving scripts and expressing interest.

Lyndsy Fonseca
Kaya Scodelrio
Malese Jow
For me, the actress that would best fit Katniss would be Lyndsy Fonesca. Her look has a resembelence of being the tough Katniss in the books. Both kaya and Malese would act as Katniss well, except the look too innocent and young to play the girl on fire. :) What do you think?

Also, right now, there is a hot fan made trailer of the scene of Rue and Katniss. I absolutely love it and I thought it did the scene justice.


  1. I saw that vid the other day and a baby. I'm all for Malese as Katniss...she was incredible on TVD, and I think she'd carry it well :)

  2. Out of the 3, I'm leaning toward the first 2 girls.

  3. I'm listening to Mockingjay on audio(but I'm not that far into it yet), perhaps I need to make it last until 2013? LOL.
    I think all the girls are so petit, not quite what I imagine Katniss to be. But a little makeup etc. can do a lot to a persons apperance. My vote goes to girl #2.

    Yeah that fan made trailer is awesome, I cried so much when I first watched it.


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