Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Holidays-Wish List Recommendations (Best of 2010)

Hey everyone!

So the winter holiday is coming up (and it sure feels like it too), with Hanukkah already starting and the Christmas music pouring from our radios. In the light of the winter holiday, I wanted to compile a "2010 Wish List" of the books you need to have or want to buy for other people. (It'll also help me decide how to spend my money.) It would be great if you could leave the book that YOU would personally want to have for the winter holidays with a URL that links to a summary (Goodreads) or somewhere you can buy the book (Amazon). Thanks! Hope you find these helpful :)

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  1. I am Sarah and I got to post my book wish first (yay!). I really want Siobhan Vivian's "Not That Kind of Girl" because I have heard really good things about it and I am a YA librarian (with a low budget for YA spending - apprx. 4 books a month) so I usually buy a book to read for myself and then add it to my collection which I would do with this one. I know I won't get it for Christmas or anything, but I will get a Borders gift card which will go toward purchasing this book (and many others on my wishlist).

    I am curious to see what other YA readers are wanting...I always need new ideas for my the library shelves!


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