Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change of Meme and SNOW!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's been having a good week (sadly, I haven't. I really do hope it improves). I mentioned earlier that I will be hosting a meme of Fashion Thursday. But, I realized that I will not have time for that on a Thursday (school day), so I will move it to Fashion Friday (the name even makes more sense).
So expect it tomorrow. Also, I am open to any book suggestions. For now I'm thinking about The Luxe Series.

Also, if you live in the Eastern coast of the US, I'm sure everyone's excited about the snowstorm! My friends and I have been complaining that for some odd reason, all the snow storms come on a weekend, which means there is always the slight chance of school. But I heard this one is going to be really big, like the one we had before Christmas break. It's even possible for 20 inches. I'm crossing my fingers for no school! Also, the review for Devouring will be up soon along with Silver Phoenix.

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