Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday (2-Hunger Games)

Fashion Friday is creating a fashion wardrobe and picking out clothes that I would think a character would wear based on the type of personality Using pictures from different magazine, such as Vogue or Elle, or from model shows, I will usually pick out one or two types of outfits, and even accessories or shoes. I hope everyone enjoys it and if you have any suggestion or fashion websites, please feel free to tell me! Also, I am planning to create a button very soon (or if you're great at button making, please help me :)).

First off, I wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been either watching the Olympics or doing homework, but I'm reading a lot of books currently. This week, I decided to do the The Hunger Games series. Instead of creating a wardrobe for their time in the Games, which would probably be athletic skin-tight clothes, I decided to create clothes they would wear casually. I couldn't find a dress similar to the mockingjay dress she was wearing, so please give your suggestions!

For Katniss, I wanted to choose a tomboy style, but with an air of chick and rebellious. I think the clothes on the left with the opened up plaid collared shirt and the faded jeans will fit perfectly for Katniss. It is not extravagant or like a princess style, but it portrays a sexiness within her. Also, the clothes have an aura of rebellion, with the open shirt and cut up jeans, as if she isn't trying to be too formal or casual. I also think that the clothes on the left, with the vest and the belt, portray a boyish style, with an underlying classy look.
Peeta is the nice and "church" boy and to me carries a sense of innocence. I think the casual-formal wear is not too formal to create Peeta into an arrogant character who thinks he's superior of everything else, but a nice clothes that are business casual. The collared shirt, the clean blue jeans, and the cardigan/sweater has the amiable boy look., conforming into society with its clean looks, but isn't too formal as it portrays his childlike innocence.
Ah. Gale, the rebellious and "sexy" guy. I think of Gale as the motorcycle guy, lol. Maybe he's put into a big contrast against Peeta, the guy who keeps his head down and tries to conform into society, but to me Gale seems the one to take risks. I thought the leather jacket and the baggy jeans create the sexy, but dangerous looking guy. Also, with his shirt and jacket open, it portrays Gale's rebellious nature, as if he doesn't care what the Capitol says about his dress code. 

That's it for today's Fashion Friday. Comment and tell me what you think of it, whether you think it's on the spot or way off and want to rant :). Also, PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS for Movie Poster Monday and Fashion Friday! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it!

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