Sunday, February 7, 2010

Model UN Absence

Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know from Thursday to Monday, I might not be on because I am going to be participating in NAIMUN (North American Invitational Model UN)! This is my first time doing this and I am so excited to participate in this. Since I procrastinated a lot, I need to focus a lot on my proposal paper and researching. My topic is Slumization and Woman's Rights Violations in War Zones.

But I'll still be posting up reviews and my memes by setting it to automatically post it on the day. For my upcoming movie poster I decided to do Hush, Hush, since I really want to see this as a movie (and not be terrible as Twilight, sorry Twilight fans!). And I haven't decided what to do for Fashion Friday yet so please tell me some suggestions!

Again, sorry in advance! And if anyone has done Model UN, please feel free to share some advice or experience :) 

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