Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Friday (1-The Luxe)

Fashion Friday is creating a fashion wardrobe and picking out clothes that I would think a character would wear based on the type of personality Using pictures from different magazine, such as Vogue or Elle, or from model shows, I will usually pick out one or two types of outfits, and even accessories or shoes. I hope everyone enjoys it and if you have any suggestion or fashion websites, please feel free to tell me!

So, this week, I started reading Splendor. I absolutely always loved the beautiful cover and the dresses. So I thought instead of matching clothes from the 1800s, I decided to modernize the character's clothes to current trends.

I thought this was a great match for Elizabeth. Elizabeth is characterized as being very pretty, but also fits into society's decorum. I thought casual professional would work for Elizabeth. The casual clothes, but also the underlying chick style, would be a great match for Elizabeth. I like the mid jacket and the white dress to almost create a pure aura.
For Diana, I thought a tomboy look was a match to her teenage kinda rebellious nature. Unlike her sister, Elizabeth,  I didn't think she would be the one to wear "girly" stuff, but she is still known for being pretty in almost a tomboy way. I didn't think she would wear fancy dresses and clothes, but I thought the way she layers the different type of clothes work perfectly well, like the vest with the scarf, to create a fashion sense. 

Ok, I nearly fell back in my chair from shock  when I saw EMMA WATSON in this picture! I mean, Emma changed from the bookworm Hermione (who is too pretty to be Hermione) to a sexy woman. So, I thought this was a great match for Penelope, the "sexy" one who goes out of her way to not be conformed into the polite woman of the 1800s. The bright red dress against Penelope's skin and the bright red lipstick will work well to develop her as a woman who shines for the light.

The potential beauty of the model with the dress that tries hard to be formal and part of society's repsected reminds me of Lina. The stiff prettiness, created by the formal white dress with the high collar, and the pretty, but not absolutely, gorgeous face, portrays the adjusting Lina to me.  

And then I couldn't leave the boys out :). I thought the colorful but aristocratic suits would be a perfect match for Henry and Teddy. They both have a boyish and innocent aura to them, which is created by the colorful suits, but also an elite sense of clothes.

So that ends today's Fashion Friday. Tell me your opinions and tell me what books you want me to do next week and also for Movie Poster Monday. By the way, if you live in the eastern part of the US, have fun with the snow!


  1. Oh my gosh this is SUCH a creative idea!! I haven't seen anyone else do anything like this. Way to go!
    - Amelia :D

  2. Thanks a lot :) Feel free to do this meme and I hope you enjoyed this week's!


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