Sunday, March 28, 2010

75 Followers Contest!

This is it! The 75 Followers Contest. I want to thank every one of my followers and readers for sticking with me, even though for the past weeks I have not been on. During spring break, I hope I can catch back to the flow of reading and blogging.

Since many of you said you wanted multiple winners (I would want multiple winners too!). So I decided I have two winners win one book from the pile of 2010 Releases I chose and a winner who wins swag. Sorry, but contest is only open to US and Canada (Next time, when I have more money :(, I'll make it international!)

So here are the choice of books:

  • Mockingjay (Will Pre-Order)
  • A Match Made in High School
  • The Body Finder
  • Hex Hall
  • Princess for Hire
  • The Iron King
  • Radiant Shadows (Will Pre-Order)
  • Heist Society
  • Spells (Will Pre-Order)
  • Bleeding Violet
  • The Mark 
  • The Line
And the third winner gets swag that I've won in previous contests: (Will upload picture later...need to find cable!)
  • Intertwined Bookmark
  • The Summoning Bookmark
  • Three Days to Dead Bookmark (Signed)
Contest Information:
  • Open to US and Canada only
  • Ends April 30th (Hope it gives you enough time!)
  • Fill out this FORM
Extra Entries:
  • +3 Old Follower
  • +1 New Follower
  • +1 Tweet
  • +1 Sidebar
  • +3 Blog Post
  • +15 Button for Movie Poster Monday
  • +15 Button for Fashion Friday
If I choose your button for Movie Poster Monday and/or Fashion Friday, I will add in 15 extra entries for you myself (Do not put this in the form.) Email it to tuningintoyabooks(at)gmail(dot)com.

Good luck to all and please email me if there are any problems!


  1. Congrats on the followers..great contest!

  2. Yeay! Amazing contest and congrats on the followers! Here is wishing you many more of them!

  3. I'm follower #99 :D

    How did I not know about your blog until now? I love YA books!

  4. Oh lucky #100! Great contest

  5. Congratulations on the following and thanks for the contest!


  6. Congrats on all the follower!


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