Monday, March 29, 2010

Forbidden Love-Love it or Flop?

Ok, so I had to go off on a tangent about this whole issue of “forbidden love” and whether to other readers, if it really is a plot line that attracts people and creates a ride of emotions.

The concept of Forbidden Love is hitting its peak in popularity, creating intense fan groups, and getting movie companies excited in creating the bittersweet movie that teenage girls would swoon over, but is it too overrated?

For example, take Twilight for instance. Edward and Bella…either the best romantic couple ever or the worst and most cliché. For me, it’s in the middle of the road, they’re very sweet together, even though Bella needs to stop being a whiny ARGH and Edward needs to stop being so “I’m too bad for you” and waste a book on his mellow and low self-esteem issues (even though I love Jacob! Team Jacob!). I understand where Edward comes from, saying oh, I killed a lot of people, so I’m not perfect for you. But, seriously, so he’s not perfect. Big deal! No one is perfect and he needs to stop being so conceited in thinking he should be, but rather just accept that he’s irrevocably in love with Bella and Bella is in love with him and they can have a happy future, that since they both love each other like soulmates, they should accept it and really enjoy their lives, instead of mulling over how bad they are for the other person or how they’re not meant to be together.

And recently I’ve been watching a lot of Asian dramas and it annoys me so much when the woman protagonist tries to get away from the male protagonist, even though they both love each other. She keeps making up little, petty excuses saying how she’s older than him or saying she’s not rich enough for him. I get it if it lasts for a few episodes, but if that’s the whole plot or it’s half of the season…UGH!

So, I wanted to ask you guys of you opinions. Do you guys adore the concept of forbidden love or do you guys think it’s a flop?


  1. I love them. I take the good with the bad

  2. i think forbidden love is good as long as it does not begin to get too nagging and repetitive. so if a had to vote for it..i would give it 3 out of 5


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