Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Poster Monday (3-The Luxe)

This meme is created by Tuning Into YA Books (if you haven't figure out, that's me! :)). This meme is a combination of Matching Actors Into Characters and my mediocre Photoshopping skills. I compile images together from different movie scenes and fan art (that is not mine) to create a movie poster, ever hopeful of a future movie. I'm sorry for not doing this for a while. School :P

I'm currently reading Splendor even though it's been going towards the bottom of my to-be-read pile since I borrowed too many good books. I've like the first three, a bit like Gossip Girls, but with a historical sense and also a toned down sex/drugs issue. I've loved Henry Schoonmaker, but my favorite character is Teddy! The oh, so sweet and nice boyfriend you can rely on. For Henry, I chose Ed Westwick as the match. I've never seen Gossip Girls (never even actually saw the show at all), but I thought his appearence best matched Henry's player and cad type of personality, but drop-dead handsome. For Will, I thought Lucas Till was a good match, even though Till is towards the younger side. Till's country and the soft country boy style fits Will perfectly. (And for Teddy, even though I couldn't fit him in the poster, I thought Logan Lerman's nice and reliable boy look was best. And I'm sure he can pull off the acting, even though he looks too young for Teddy). For the girls, I had a harder time picking the pictures and the actresses with the Victorian style. The only character that I could match Penelope was Leighton Meester. She has a mean but sexy look to her and I'm sure she can pull Pen's mean character well. I'm sorry for not choosing a lot of variety of actors/actresses (and pick them primarily from Gossip Girls.) The girl in the top middle is my vision of Elizabeth and the top left is Diana. Anyone who wants to help, please tell me! And tell me your opinions! So, here's my made movie poster for The Luxe.


  1. I should really read this series, it looks really good! Love the poster you did, it looks beautiful!


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